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BMIDC On Call Dispatcher = 541-786-5457 Duty Officer Number
BMIDC Resources/Comments = Web Mail:

BMIDC Hours:
5 Day Staffing 07:30 - 17:00, Effective 10/23/2017. If coverage needed beyond these hours contact dispatch.

Spokane District OR/WA BLM - Richard Parrish
Umatilla N.F. Duty Officer - D.O. Phone # 541-304-5054
Wallowa-Whitman N.F. Duty Officer - Noel Livingston
Northeast ODF Duty Officer - Joe Hessel
Washington DNR Duty Officer - Chad James was last uploaded on 27-Jun-2015 18:33:24.

National Preparedness Level = 3
Regional Preparedness Level = 2

BMIDC Assigned Resources

Resource Providing Unit Assigned Incident Name Assigned Incident Number Date Assigned Additional Information
N947CH (T1L) OR-WWF Mendocino Lake Complex CA-MEU-012169 10/09/2017 Originally Assigned 5/8
WWF T2IA #6 OR-WWF Bear CA-CZU-007822 10/17/17 Originally Assigned 10/11
UMF T2IA #4 OR-UMF Central LNU Complex CA-LNU-010104 10/11/17 Originally Assigned 10/11
UMF T2IA #5 OR-UMF Central LNU Complex CA-LNU-010104 10/14/17 Originally Assigned 10/14
Updated 19-Oct-2017 7:22:31

BMIDC Shared Resources

Resource Manager Availability Location Additional Information Updated
Type 1 Crews
No Resources12-Oct-2017 7:43:45
Operations Hulse/Hedgepeth   La Grande   5-Oct-2017 12:35:39
Air Attack
No Resources12-Oct-2017 7:42:45
No Resources12-Oct-2017 7:42:56
No Resources12-Oct-2017 7:43:17
Lead Planes
No Resources12-Oct-2017 7:43:24
No Resources12-Oct-2017 7:43:39

Resource Status

All Details
Duty Officer Engines in Service Crews in Service Other Resources Comments Updated
ODF LaGrande
Mitch Williams 786-5104 962-019820  18-Oct-2017 20:14:55
ODF Baker/Unity
Tarvin10  13-Oct-2017 7:23:53
ODF Wallowa
Howard20 Duty Officer cell: 541-263-049016-Oct-2017 8:50:08
ODF Pendleton
Lauer00Engine available Monday-Friday 0800-1700. Delayed availability after hours and weekendsLauer Cell: 541-215-7072. Arbogast Cell: 541-215-778916-Oct-2017 5:12:02
Burnt Powder Fire Zone
McCraw21 Duty Officer Phone 541-523-1910; 11-Oct-2017 9:43:09
Grande Ronde Fire Zone
Naughton11Cooper - Skidsteer, Indian Rehab. Culver/DeWitt - E Face, Marking. Naughton 541-519-4511 10-Oct-2017 8:49:43
Wallowa Valley Fire Zone
Moeller02 DO Cell: 541-263-085412-Oct-2017 8:14:26
North Fork John Day Ranger District
Bohnsack00 Bohnsack cell: 541-863-948616-Oct-2017 12:56:14
Pomeroy Ranger District
Mackleit (t)20 Albrecht and Mackleit at North Park 11.18-Oct-2017 15:51:47
Walla Walla Ranger District
Call Down00  13-Oct-2017 16:04:27
BLM Baker/Unity
Gregory00 Snake River 1-208-407-4940 Duty # 1-541-473-6300 12-Oct-2017 13:17:56
DNR Snake River
Call down00 Schoenfelder 509-607-6204 Parvinen 509-859-6703 Cloud 509-528-6196 17-Oct-2017 15:22:12
BIA Umatilla
Casey10Warm Springs Agency Fire Module Salish-Kootenai T2IA CrewCell phone for Jeff Casey: 701-400-9668 21-Oct-2017 7:21:36

Northeast Oregon Interagency Type 3 Team Status

Comments: Northeast Oregon Interagency Type 3 Team Unavailable.
Position Name
Nobody on today!
Updated 16-Oct-2017 10:31:06

BMIDC Staffing Status

Position Name
Center Manager Renae Crippen
Logistics Floor Lead Cinda Fratzke
Logistics Dispatcher Chris Wunz
IA Floor Lead Josh Hewitt
IA Dispatcher Lindsay Dalgliesh
Updated 23-Oct-2017 13:30:11

BMIDC Agency IA Resource Availability Totals

Engines Crews Personnel Lookouts

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Wallowa Whitman NF    
Malheur NF MAF N353JR(T3S)M+5  
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John Day ODF    
Payette NF PAFJ-43   
Nez Perce NF NPF   N401AJ(T1L)
BLM Vale District VAD    
Central Oregon COIDCJ-78 S+2   
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