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BMIDC On Call Dispatcher = 541-786-5457 Duty Officer Number
BMIDC Resources/Comments = Web Mail:

BMIDC Hours:
7 Day Staffing 07:00 - 18:00, Effective 6/4/2017. If coverage needed beyond these hours contact dispatch.

Spokane District OR/WA BLM - Richard Parrish
Umatilla N.F. Duty Officer - D.O. Phone # 541-304-5054
Wallowa-Whitman N.F. Duty Officer - Noel Livingston
Northeast ODF Duty Officer - Joe Hessel
Washington DNR Duty Officer - Ken McNamee was last uploaded on 27-Jun-2015 18:33:24.

National Preparedness Level = 2
Regional Preparedness Level = 1

BMIDC Assigned Resources

Resource Providing Unit Assigned Incident Name Assigned Incident Number Date Assigned Additional Information
N947CH (TL1) OR-WWF 2017 R3 Regional Support NM-R03-000005 6/8/2017 Originally Assigned 5/8
N689H (T2) OR-WWF BAR OR-RSF-000200 6/23/2017 Originally Assigned 6/23
E653 OR-WWF 2017 TNF ABCD MISC AZ-TNF-000002 6/13/2017 Originally Assigned 6/8
Union IHC OR-WWF 2017 R3 Regional Support NM-R03-000005 6/15/2017 Originally Assigned 6/16
La Grande IHC OR-WWF Frye AZ-CNF-000467 6/18/2017 Originally Assigned 6/16
UMF IA Suppression Module OR-UMF Encino AZ-A3S-004964 6/21/2017 Originally Assigned 6/16
Updated 23-Jun-2017 8:24:24

BMIDC Shared Resources

Resource Manager Availability Location Additional Information Updated
Type 1 Crews
No Resources22-Jun-2017 10:40:55
N-669H (T2S) Mason Available La Grande, OR Spotter + 4 23-Jun-2017 8:19:41
Air Attack
No Resources22-Jun-2017 10:40:06
No Resources22-Jun-2017 10:40:40
No Resources22-Jun-2017 10:41:24
Lead Planes
No Resources22-Jun-2017 10:41:15
No Resources22-Jun-2017 10:41:02

Resource Status

All Details
Duty Officer Engines in Service Crews in Service Other Resources Comments Updated
ODF LaGrande
Mitch Williams 786-5104 962-019800 Please try to get a hold of Mitch Williams first with any fire business in the coming weeks. If he is not available try Andy Tarvin at (541)786-5740. Currently not staffed for weekend so Duty will recommend engine callouts.23-Jun-2017 12:55:10
ODF Baker/Unity
Meyer10  23-Jun-2017 7:55:36
ODF Wallowa
Goebel31 Duty Officer cell: 541-263-070023-Jun-2017 11:33:33
ODF Pendleton
Lauer40 Lauer Cell: (541) 215-707223-Jun-2017 5:08:37
Burnt Powder Fire Zone
Dunn33 Duty Office Phone 541-523-1910/208-631-4897 23-Jun-2017 8:38:11
Grande Ronde Fire Zone
Naughton31For weekend coverage call duty officer. Resources will be compiled when needed.Naughton 541-519-451123-Jun-2017 13:19:13
Wallowa Valley Fire Zone
Lyman11Harl Butte Lookout
E-653 Marsh/Whetsler plus 5 on the TNF.23-Jun-2017 12:40:06
North Fork John Day Ranger District
Stinchfield20Helstowski, ICT4 +2Stinchfield Cell: 541-975-300222-Jun-2017 8:49:44
Pomeroy Ranger District
Call Down10 Work schedule is Mon.-Fri, 0800-1630. Call duty officer for resource availability. Albrecht Cell #:541-519-3636 Severs Cell #:509-780-8736. Mackleit Cell #:509-953-954422-Jun-2017 13:11:22
Walla Walla Ranger District
Sciarrino12Lookout Mnt. Lookout
Sciarrino Cell 971-240-771223-Jun-2017 9:22:20
BLM Baker/Unity
Dentinger00T814 Avail ONO Snake River 1-208-407-4940 Duty # 1-541-473-6300 8-Oct-2016 9:35:10
DNR Snake River
Schoenfelder20 Schoenfelder W509-607-6204 P425-501-7538 Devin Parvinen W509-859-6703 Cloud W509-528-6196 P509-366-1811 22-Jun-2017 19:59:35
BIA Umatilla
Casey00 Cell phone for Jeff Casey: 701-400-966823-Jun-2017 8:19:48

Northeast Oregon Interagency Type 3 Team Status

Position Name
Nobody on today!
Updated 15-Sep-2016 8:17:50

BMIDC Staffing Status

Position Name
Assistant Center Manager Jerry Garrett
Front Desk Monica Jones
Logistics Floor Lead Craig Gilbert
Logistics Dispatcher Chris Wunz
IA Floor Lead Craig Gilbert
South Zone Dispatcher Elena Baird
North Zone Dispatcher Elena Baird
Northern Blues Dispatcher Elena Baird
La Grande Dispatcher Elena Baird
West Side Dispatcher Elena Baird
Intelligence Dispatcher Chris Wunz
Updated 23-Jun-2017 7:05:29

BMIDC Agency IA Resource Availability Totals

Engines Crews Personnel Lookouts

Neighbors Shared Resources

Agency Jumpers Rappellers/Helitack Air Tankers Helicopters/Fixed Wing
Wallowa Whitman NF N669H(T2) S+4 @ LG  
Malheur NF MAF N510WW(T2) S+8
N353JR(T3) M+4
Umatilla NF    
Northeast Oregon ODF    
John Day ODF    
Payette NF PAFJ-43, J-44, +16   
Nez Perce NF NPF 21JB(T3) M+6 N83AR
BLM Vale District VAD H-854H(T3) M+7T-844N9468G
Central Oregon COIDCJ73 S+6 T-870AA-4WA
Central Washington CWICCJ9+6 FB-205R340(T2)