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BMIDC On Call Dispatcher = none
BMIDC Resources/Comments = Web Mail:

BMIDC Hours: BMIDC has switched to 5 day staffing M-F, hours: 0730-1700. If coverage is needed beyond these hours please contact dispatch.

Wallowa-Whitman N.F. Duty Officer - Joel McCraw
Umatilla N.F. Duty Officer - 541-304-5054
Northeast ODF Duty Officer - Matt Howard
Washington DNR Duty Officer - Tom Schoenfelder 509-607-6204
Vale BLM Duty Officer - 541-473-6300
Spokane BLM District Duty Officer - 24/7 D.O. Phone # 509-536-1288 was last uploaded on 27-Jun-2015 18:33:24.

National Preparedness Level = 2
Regional Preparedness Level = 1

BMIDC Assigned Resources

Resource Providing Unit Assigned Incident Name Assigned Incident Number Date Assigned Additional Information
E-7461 OR-974S 2022 Initial Attack TX-TXS-022010 04/10/2022 Originally Assigned 4/10
E-7363 OR-973S FY 22 NM Prepo NM-NMS-000032 04/18/2022 Originally Assigned 4/18
E-662 OR-WWF Cibola NF 2022 Severity NM-CIF-000005 5/5/2022 Originally Assigned 4/22
E-613 OR-WWF 2022 Gila Support NM-GNF-000002 5/2/2022 Originally Assigned 5/2
E653 OR-WWF 2022 Tonto NF Regional Severtiy AZ-TNF-000482 5/9/2022 Originally Assigned 5/9
Updated 12-May-2022 13:03:39

BMIDC Shared Resources

Resource Manager Availability Location Additional Information Updated
Type 1 Crews
La Grande IHC Juan Elguezabal Assigned 2022 SWCC Support, NM-SWC-000008 Originally Assigned 5/11 12-May-2022 13:01
Union IHC Eric Jorgensen Assigned Cerro Pelado, NM-SNF-000049 Originally Assigned 5/6 12-May-2022 13:01
Wildland Fire Modules
No Resources28-Apr-2022 15:28:25
Operations Hulse Mon-Fri 8-1630 La Grande, OR 541-786-2476 16-May-2022 12:44:47
N223HT Driskell Committed Sedona, AZ   16-May-2022 12:44:47
No Resources18-Oct-2021 9:27:43
Air Attack
AA-78NA Todd Pease Assigned Cerra Pelado, NM-SNF-000049 Originally Assigned 4/12 12-May-2022 12:52:09
No Resources21-Oct-2021 16:14:08
No Resources2-May-2022 9:58:33
Lead Planes
No Resources18-Oct-2021 9:27:06
No Resources18-Oct-2021 9:27:20

Resource Status

All Details
Duty Officer Engines in Service Crews in Service Other Resources Comments Updated
ODF LaGrande
J.B. Brock 541-910-808800Call DO for available resources.For UAS requests Contact Willy Crippen 641-910-3143 Mavic UAV-video; Matrice 200 UAS with infrared/night operations8-Apr-2022 8:04:38
ODF Baker/Unity
Meyer00 Call DO for available resources.20-May-2022 17:13:53
ODF Wallowa
Jake Goebel00 Duty Officer Call Down List Jake Goebel 541-602-2758 David Weaver 541-263-1311 Jess Yarborough 541-264-0080 Chrissy Hessel 541-371-7912 Doug Hellinger 541-371-7820 4-May-2022 5:33:47
ODF Pendleton
Olivera00 Call for resource availability. 541-786-993920-May-2022 7:50:27
Burnt Powder Fire Zone
Lewis (541)403-075900 Call for resource availability DO Lewis 541 403-0759 6-May-2022 14:26:48
Grande Ronde Fire Zone
Cooper00  19-May-2022 15:44:25
Wallowa Valley Fire Zone
Call Down00 Call for resource availability. Call down list: Pederson, Fent, Bohnsack, Moeller6-May-2022 15:34:13
North Fork John Day Ranger District
Call Down00 Mon-Fri, 0800-1630 Meyer: 541-786-5543; Mentzer: 541-561-4933; Bomberger: 541-306-039712-Nov-2021 14:51:54
Pomeroy Ranger District
Call Down00  9-Feb-2022 15:34:44
Walla Walla Ranger District
Call Down00 Mon. to Fri. 0800-1630 James 509-386-6991; Moore 503-312-8097; Sciarrino 971-240-7712; Dietz 509-520-22061-Nov-2021 11:15:11
BLM Baker/Unity
LaChapelle20 Duty # 1-541-473-630016-Jul-2021 9:01:53
DNR Snake River
Jason Hoerner204502 on assignment to New MexicoSCHOENFELDER W509-607-6204 P425-501-7538. Jason Hoerner FMO W509-859-6779. Jacob LeBaron Dayton AFMO W509-859-6703. Austin Summers Clarkston AFMO 509-592-5813. 20-May-2022 8:41:48
BIA Umatilla
Casey10 Cell phone for Jeff Casey: 541-317-600926-Apr-2022 12:33:25

Northeast Oregon Interagency Type 3 Team Status

Comments: Done For Season
Position Current
Done For Season
Next Up
Done For Season
Nobody on today!
Updated 28-Sep-2021 11:12:40

BMIDC Staffing Status

Position Name
Assistant Center Manager Aircraft Jerry Garrett
Assistant Center Manager Operations Hunter Petrucci
Aircraft Lead Charlie Quinn
Logistics Lead Dispatcher Emily Kausler
IA Floor Lead Craig Gilbert
IA Floor Lead Kenrik Neustel
IA Dispatcher Shenandoah Chick
IA Dispatcher Lily Barnes
Intel Dispatcher Hunter Petrucci
Updated 12-May-2022 12:33:58

BMIDC Agency IA Resource Availability Totals

Engines Crews Personnel Lookouts

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